Construction Contract Writer
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California Construction Contract Writer
These are sample contracts generated from Construction Contract Writer - California Edition, a contract-writing software download that allows you to construct custom contracts for any job – no matter how large or small. The program works like an interview and constructs a perfectly legal contract based on your answers to the questions. You can also create sub contracts from the prime contract with one click. Even offers a link to a lawyer on staff, should you need help with your contract. When done you can print out copies to sign or create PDF’s and e-mail them. Find out more. Click on the contracts you need, then fill out, save or print.
Home Repair Contract
Custom Home Contract
Commercial Construction
Public Works Subcontract
Contractor's Plain English Legal Guide
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Legal Forms
These sample forms are from the 272-page book Contractor’s Plain English Legal Guide which explains in plain English how to avoid most of the legal problems a contractor often faces. It keeps you prepared by being equipped with a good set of contracts and forms and a basic knowledge of what the law requires. It gives you directions on the simple tasks you can do yourself without the help of a lawyer, as well as point out to you when you may actually need a "pro" to take your case. Find out more. Click on the sample form you need, then fill out and save, or print.
Contract to Build
Lien Waiver
Lien Claim
Remodeling Contract
Getting Financing & Developing Land
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Land Development Forms
These sample forms are from the 208-page book Getting Financing & Developing Land which explains what you need to know to make the leap from building homes to developing land. You’ll find everything from preparing a market study, selecting a building site and obtaining financing, to having your plans approved, and controlling your building costs so you can ensure yourself a good profit. Find out more. Click on the forms you need then save or print.
Feasibility Analysis
Checklist for Lender Interview
Income Statement
Parcel Evaluation Checklist
Markup & Profit: A Contractor’s Guide
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Markup & Profit Forms
These sample forms are from the 320-page book Markup & Profit: A Contractor’s Guide which explains how to price your jobs to cover all labor, material and overhead expenses, and make a decent profit. It helps you find the right markup to use -- for your business. You don't want to lose jobs because you charge too much, and you don't want to work for free because you've charged too little. If you know how to calculate markup, you can apply it to your job costs to find the right sales price for your work. Find out more. Click on the forms you need, then save or print.
Bonus Material:
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Breakeven Point Worksheet
New Job Checklist
Profit & Loss Statement
Overhead Expense Chart
Moving to Commercial Construction
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Commercial Construction Forms
These forms are from the book Moving to Commercial Construction which explains the pros and cons of commercial work, as well as how to break into the field of commercial construction -- including finding commercial work, compiling an estimate, and presenting a bid, getting through the submittal and shop drawing process, working with owners, architects and subs, and controlling your costs and insuring profit. Find out more. Click on the forms you need then fill out and save, or print.
Daily Equipment Log
Daily Material Log
Subcontractor Agreement
Project Closeout Checklist
Construction Forms & Contracts
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Construction Forms & Contracts Forms Forms
These forms are from the book Construction Forms & Contracts a 432-page book with 125 forms that you can copy and use directly from the book or load into your computer with the FREE CD-ROM enclosed. Then you can customize the forms to fit your company, fill them out and print. Includes forms for accounting, estimating, fieldwork, contracts, and more. Each form comes with complete instructions on when to use it and how to fill it out. These forms were designed by contractors to help keep your business organized, profitable, and out of trouble. Find out more. Click on the forms you need then fill out and save, or print.
Change Order
Cost Plus Percentage Contract
Memorandum of Delay
Remodeling Proposal